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We checked into the hotel in London and went straight to our room which had a floor to ceiling windows. While my wife in the bathtub every hair shaved her pussy for the first time I jumped to the curtains high out of reach in the bedroom, hook filled with all your clothes back on the case and slipped out to meet again to the car, so only the right to present to the window wrapped with good lighting. When leaving I asked the doorman if I could use some things to fall back later in muchosucko my room as I was running - were in an unsealed envelope with 100 pounds and another packet with the dress of my wife for the night. from the car park on the opposite side of the road that was right in the room where my muchosucko wife holding a small towel had left it, while searching desperately for his clothing room was visible. before the window, had tried, unsuccessfully, to stretch and pull the curtains, while, because it got wet, naked body and shaved, with the soggy, and lidsmall towel. After fluctuating in a chair with her ​​tits and wet pussy flashing to the window, he realized the futility of reaching the curtains and saw the field through the window, which was lost in the mad panic. Dropping to all fours and let the towel muchosucko with both hands to use them to work, are tearing the paper to his gift. Inside was a black high-heeled, thigh - high boots. his anger now turned quickly to excitement when they realized the game. He jumped on the bed, lying in the middle of the room, and almost on his back with legs slightly apart, began to be born in incredibly sexy boots. They were so narrow that muchosucko it was a struggle, and had to muchosucko pull hard, pull up and forced her legs more and more, exposing her pussy freshly shaven and wet while the zipper on his upper thigh. What now - my wife was in the eyes of the floor to ceiling windows in just a few of the most outrageous fuck me boots with a relaxedfreshly shaved pussy, and was probably 10 minutes and was looking down in the parking lot muchosucko across the street, but do not know, know that I called the phone in the room and saw on the bed, leaned him. I was short : 'I'm on my way back to her dress, but before leaving that I am to you after the show, fuck I'll be there in 2 minutes when I ask myself, in the middle of the bed.. be firmly closed his eyes, not saying a word and masturbate furiously - and if not, will be punished ', he laughed and put the phone down on me in his eagerness to start fingering... expected.... then the next part of the action plan. When I saw from the street, I saw the bedroom door behind the headboard of muchosucko the bed where my wife was damned busy shaved open in new leather boots thigh. goalkeeper came out boldly in the dress and jacket in hand expected to be the empty room and then paused when he camemy wife masturbating. He paused, not knowing what to do, see, fascinated... His fingers were deep in her pussy and she writhed with eyes closed, looking as loudly complained - in full anticipation of an exhibitionist to fuck her husband in front of muchosucko this window. is heard in the room and keeps herself shit. I knew I would hear him in the room, but still crap. looked at the envelope with 100 pounds, then he saw the fine print to say, ' enjoy' The excitement was immense. returned to the room, run, make it very soon, in the reaction of my wife worries when he went to her and plunged his cock into her. When I... continue
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